Narovlya Ethnographic Museum

The museum welcomed the first visitors on 8 May 1995. The excursion begins with the history of building - a monument of wooden architecture of the late 19th century. The first hall: "My Narovlya" presents the paintings of Yury Fisyuk; "Black Reality" and "Ebony" present the paintings of V. Shmatov; the diorama with a view of the evicted village. "The Golden Fund" of the museum is the hall of weaving. The museum includes the collection of icons, the Psalms, books of acathistus, biographies, songbooks, information about current and lost temples. In the hall of tableware, the objects from wood, clay, birch bark and bast tell about the evolution of manufacturing tableware. The peasant farmstead represents a wide range of peasant stock, fishery objects. The exposition shows the culture of rural life, its development from a wooden furnace, a three-back bed, a skateboard, a flycatcher, a latch to the sewing machine "Singer". The number of museum items is 3,270 (2012). Today, the museum is a center for research and education, offering different excursions, museum lectures, activities of the program "Museum and We".
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